Wisdom,Benevolence and Courage 六忠班 杨奕晨

Good morning,everyone. 各位早上好。

My name is Angel.我的名字叫安吉尔。Today my topic is wisdom,benevolence and courage.今天我的主题是智慧、仁爱和勇气。In the traditional culture of China, wisdom, benevolence and courage are three important components of the ideal personality in Confucian culture. 在中国传统文化中,智、仁、勇是儒家文化中理想人格的三个重要组成部分。A person with the qualities of wisdom, benevolence and courage is regarded as a gentleman with both ability and political integrity. 一个具有智慧、仁慈和勇气品质的人被视为德才兼备的君子。The sentence "A wise man is brave" can be understood from two angles: Courage of wisdom: people with wisdom can think carefully and make wise decisions when facing problems. 这句话可以从两个角度来理解:智慧的勇气:拥有智慧的人在面对问题时可以仔细思考并做出明智的决定。Their courage is not recklessness, but daring to take action after full consideration and evaluation. 他们的勇气不是鲁莽,而是在充分考虑和评估后敢于采取行动。This kind of courage is based on a deep understanding of the nature of things and a foresight of the consequences, so it is more reliable and effective.这种勇气是建立在对事物本质的深刻理解和对后果的预见之上的,因此更加可靠和有效。 Moral Courage: "Wisdom" in Confucian culture is not only secular wisdom, but also contains moral wisdom. 道德勇气:儒家文化中的“智慧”不仅是世俗智慧,还包含道德智慧。A person with moral wisdom can stand up and defend justice in the face of injustice and injustice. 一个拥有道德智慧的人,在面对不公和不公时,能够挺身而出,捍卫正义。This courage is based on the persistence of "benevolence" and the commitment to social responsibility. 这种勇气基于对“仁”的坚持和对社会责任的承担。Therefore, "the wise man is brave" emphasizes a moral character that combines wisdom and courage. 因此,“智勇双全”强调的是一种智勇双全的品德。This kind of courage is not foolhardy, but a kind of firmness and courage under the guidance of wisdom and morality. 这种勇敢不是蛮干,而是一种在智慧和道德指导下的坚定和勇敢。In modern society, this quality is equally important. 在现代社会,这种品质同样重要。It encourages people not only to have knowledge and wisdom, but also to have the courage to practice their own ideas and face and solve various challenges in life.它鼓励人们不仅要有知识和智慧,而且要有勇气实践自己的想法并面对和解决生活中的各种挑战。