On frugality 六年级忠班 范浩霆

For frugality, there are many kinds of explanations. Different people have different views, today I want to start from a simple talk. 
Maybe many people think that thrift is hard to do, but I think, thrift can start from the small things in life. For example, we can save paper. Many people will use more pieces of paper after washing their hands, which is actually a waste of performance. And when some people wash their hands, they will waste a lot of water, these waste can be avoided. 
I have a small story to share with you, it is said that in a mountain in the Central Plains, there lived a simple farmer, his was frugal and happy all his life. On his deathbed, he told his sons that if they wanted to stay away from hunger for life, they must remember "thrift". The eldest son and the second son remembered their father's teachings and practiced the spirit of thrift all their lives, so they lived a very smooth life.
 In our today's society, with the continuous improvement of living standards and the increasing improvement of living conditions, the phenomenon of random waste is becoming more and more common. In the 1950s and 1960s, in order to let their children live a happy life, the adults are very economical. However, when you buy snacks in the store, you can't think of how hard your parents make money, and some people even take it for granted for their parents to make money for themselves.           
Thrift is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation, we should inherit and carry forward the fine tradition and virtue of the Chinese nation of diligence and thrift, we should cultivate the habit of thrift to create a more brilliant tomorrow for the motherland!